May 2010

Assumption Based on Ingredients

When you see “Assumption Based on Ingredients” as the Corn Free Status of a product listed here, this means several things: The company has not been contacted to inquire about the nature of this product and if it is corn free The ingredients are such that by-ingredients, this item is likely corn free This product […]

Ceres Juices – All Flavors

Ceres Juice: 100% Pure Fruit Juice No Water Added No Sugar Added No Preservatives Added There are currently 14 flavors of Ceres Juice, all are corn free, by way of ingredients. Some flavors are: Apple, Berry, Cherry Apricot Cranberry & Kiwi (Canada only) Guava Litchi Mango Medley of Fruits Passion Fruit Papaya Peach Pear Pineapple […]