About The Guide

The purpose of this site is to truly act as a guide, and although I strive to provide accurate, helpful information, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. A company may accidentally provide incorrect information, product labels and manufacturing processes change, and the simple act of an error in editing may occur.

As an “avoiding corn” tip, you should read labels every single time you purchase an item – no matter how many times you have successfully used it in the past. Re-read the ingredients prior to consumption, and use caution when trying new items if you are highly reactive.

All that being said, I hope you find this helpful!

You may also find some other corn free lists quite useful, such as the Corn-Free Foods & Products List (Dec 2007), or this spreadsheet (owned and maintained by the same people who mange the Corn-Free Foods and Products List blog) and of course, feel free to ask the Corn Free Community by participating in the Delphi – Avoiding Corn Forum!

~ Sincerely,

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