Company Claims Corn Free

in FAQ

When you see “Company Claims Corn Free” as the Corn Free Status of a product listed here, this means one or more of the following:

  • There is a claim on the company or product website declaring the product as corn free
  • The company FAQ page addresses the questionable ingredients and explains they are not from corn
  • The company has been contacted to inquire about the nature of this product, if it is corn free, and an acceptable response was received
  • There may be corn sourced ingredients used in manufacturing, processing, or delivery of this product

Please note, and be aware of the following information. Even if a company claims the product to be corn free, there is still a chance of cross contamination. There is no screening required of the FDA for corn in food products, medication, or cosmetics. There could be corn-sourced ingredients, unknown to the company representative providing the corn free claim.